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Nitro Benzene 70% Liquid

Liquid Nitrobenzene that is a research based chemical containing 70% Nitrobenzene. Our product is enriched with naturally available vegetable proteins and is a budding stimulant with high yield growth for all crops. We keep a huge lot for furnishing urgent and massive requirements of the buyers. Our prices are also marginal.

Base : Liquid
Nitrobenzene : 70%

  • Being a foliar applicant that enhances budding of flowers and fruits, the Nitrobenzene liquid Plant Growth Promoter also gives better quality and higher yield. The addition of 1 ml Plant Growth Promoter in one liter of water is ideal for the crops. The Nitrobenzene liquid Plant Growth Promoter can be applied by mixing with any pesticide or fungicide and it also has wetting agent quality. The Nitrobenzene liquid Plant Growth Promoter is useful for crops like cotton, soybean, vegetables, pulses, grapes, oranges and nurseries.
  • Nitrobenzene Liquid is of pure quality and does not cause any harm to plants. We also offer Nitrobenzene Liquid of premium quality that contains 70% concentration of Tech Nitro Benzene compound. Nitrobenzene Liquid is concentrate that can be emulsified and it is beneficial for flowering. Nitrobenzene Liquid is also available as Nitrobenzene liquid 70% and is a plant energizer and flower stimulant.
  • It helps the plant to increase CN ratio significantly
  • It increases plant size and helps for flowering
  • It enhances the plant canopy and induces flowering and increases the yield
  • It can be used in all major agriculture crops through foliar application
  • It is compatible with pesticide and fungicides.
  • The concentration for usage is 1 ml per liter of water and foliar spray

For All crops

Method of application: Foliar Spray

Packing : 200 ltr HDPE Barrel