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About us

ANBR Elixir Private Limited

A group that was founded in the year 2000 with the endeavour to make it big, has come a long way, to its current form. We strive to make the lives of farmers easy with the help of our products that are proven to increase the crop yield. With the help of our robust Research and Development team, we ensure that our crop care products optimize plant growth, from root development to post-harvest, by improving plant establishment, abiotic stress resistance, and nutrition in plants. Browse our website to find out how our advanced crop science solutions can help your crop reach its full growth potential.

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Work Philosophy



The primary impetus, pushing us towards our success, is a passion for advancing plant science with agriculture technology and innovation. For over 20 years now, the predominant focus of our research efforts has been to consistently provide solutions that are environmentally responsible, cost-effective and easy-to-use crop care solutions. A deep understanding of the benefits of our agricultural products enables us to ensure optimal product performance and return on investment for our customers.

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At ANBR Elixir Private Limited, it’s not only about sustainable agriculture, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe it is possible to improve crop production and management, while ensuring environment protection. ANBR Elixir Private Limited is dedicated to promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability in order to advance crop production and plant protection science in a responsible way.

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Grower & Partner Focus

At ANBR Elixir Private Limited , our focus is on providing the best crop protection agricultural products to growers. To achieve this, our customer service extends throughout the entire organization, with a highly specialized sales force, marketing team and research and development department all dedicated to providing partners, customers and growers with the farm solutions they need.

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Our People

At ANBR Elixir Private Limited , our innovative agriculture solutions begin with our people. We want our employees to feel supported and engaged, with staff who feel more engaged, we can provide better service and support to our customers.

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The Four Principles



Sustainable agriculture at its core has to encompass all living ecological systems and cycles while working with them should be based on living ecological systems and cycles, work with them, grow them and help maintain them.



Fairness is characterized by equity, respect, justice and responsible care of the shared world, both among people and in their relations to other living beings.



The Principle of Health underlines the fact that the health of individuals and communities is the same and cannot be separated from the health of ecosystem as whole. Healthy soils produce healthy crops and they, in turn, foster the health of animals and people.



Sustainable agriculture should be managed in a precautionary and responsible manner to protect the health and well-being of current and future generations and a wholesome environment for all.