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Fulvic Acid Powder

Fulvic acid 95% powder, Biotechnology Fulvic Acid referred to as BFA, is developed in recent years, a biotechnology-derived material similar to fulvic acid, is essentially a mixture of specific bio-fermentation activity products, it can replace the coal from the Extracted humic acid or fulvic acid for farming and animal husbandry, etc. Fulvic acid is also a powerful electrolyte and bio-stimulant, which can balance and energize all plant and microbe cells for optimal cell division, elongation and growth.

Particulars Parameters
Fulvic acid (dry basis) 95% min
Organic matter 70%
Mositure 15%max
Solubility 100%
pH 5-8
Size 80 mesh
  • Increases crop weights & yields.
  • Promotes vital metabolic processes for improved performance across metrics of growth.
  • Improves nutrient-use efficiency by increasing their bio-availability and facilitating their uptake and distribution throughout the plant.
  • Strengthens drought and heat tolerances through enhancement to transpiration.
  • Inhibits carbonation and alkali build-up by functioning as a pH buffer.
  • Supports beneficial microbes critical in plant-microbial symbioses.

For All crops.

Method of application: Fertigation, Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray.

Packing : 25 Kgs Paper Bags.