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Sulphur 90% (Biological)

Sulfur bacterium, plural Sulfur Bacteria, any of a diverse group of microorganisms capable of metabolizing sulfur and its compounds and important in the sulfur cycle (q.v.) in nature. Some of the common sulfur substances that are used by these bacteria as an energy source are hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulfur, and thiosulfate (S2O32-). The final product of sulfur oxidation is sulfate (SO42-).

Sulphur-biological fertilizer (Sulphur 90) is a form of powder fertilizer that provides plants with the necessary volume of sulphur and restores the alkaline soil. Sulphur biological consists of the smallest particles, resulting in fertilizer powder quickly destroyed in soil.

Much sulphur contained in plants, especially in their leaves. This element is responsible for the production of protein in plants, but the most important task of sulphur is the creation of amino acids and, therefore, protein synthesis. This element is an important factor in creating the necessary vitamins for plant metabolism.

Sulphur-biological fertilizer is one of the most significant suppliers of required elements for agricultural and horticultural plants.

Sulphur biological fertilizer (Sulphur 90) contains 90% elemental Sulphur and 10% Talc.

  • Sulfur disinfects the soil due to its fungicidal properties.
  • Usage of sulfur- biological fertilizer leads to the release of complex nutrients from the soil.
  • Sulfur plays an important role in the synthesis of plants. The use of sulfur- biological fertilizer enhances the growth of plants.
  • The use of sulfur biological leads to a decrease in the pH of alkaline soil and her recultivation, which leads to an improvement the absorption plants of elements such as nitrogen, phosphates and trace elements.
  • Fertilizer sulfur biological increases the resistance of plants to cold, which is important in northern latitudes.
  • Most of the sulfur in the complex fertilizer sulfur biological is converted to sulphate and provides plants with the necessary nutrients of this element.
  • The result of the combined effects of sulfur biological is a rich harvest of cereals, fruits and vegetables. They have not only a good look, but also aroma.

For All crops

Method of application: Soil Application

Packing : 50 Kgs HDPE Bags