S4 Technology

Super-nano Sustainable Suspo Solution

S4 Technology – Groundbreaking Nano emulsion based NPK solutions


This innovative Nano Microfluidizer technology developed by the Arihant group, not just overcomes the limitations faced by conventional fertilizers formulated from liquid or solid fertilizers but also surpasses them

The S4 Technology (Supernano Sustainable SuspoSolution) developed by Arihant Group, with the intention to break the barriers imposed by traditional formulation technologies of liquid or solid fertilizers.

Leveraging decades of formulation expertise and in-depth knowledge of plant nutrition we have put in our efforts in introducing this new innovative Nano-Microfluidizer Emulsion technology for product development. S4 Technology allows for formulations not possible until today.

The Liquid – Nano Emulsion Form

Products integrated with the S4 Technology are nano emulsion liquid, instead, they have a unique form with a liquid emulsion texture. The raw material is broken down in a stage-wise manner till it is of the scale of nano-emulsion particles. Our in-house researchers have indigenously formulated an organic bio-degradable compound that enables the crop to uptake the nutrients with utmost ease and efficacy. This helps the slow and timely release of nutrients as and when needed without any unnecessary wastage of supplied nutrients

The material thus formulated is very easily consumed by the plant. The minute size means that the nutrients can also enter the plant through the leaf cells and making it extremely easily storable within the plant and then slowly released and used as and when needed in a slow and controlled manner. This makes the usage economical since it reduces the quantity required and also brings down the wastage.

This innovative formulation type allows for:

  • High concentrations
  • Long shelf-life
  • Highly concentrated nutrition based nano fluid based emulsion makes it more effective than conventional fertilizers.

While liquid products with high concentrations are prone to phase separation and sedimentation. S4 Technology’s Nano emulsion formulation prevents such issues.

The viscosity of S4 formulations changes over time in storage, form an emulsion like state, keeping all components in suspension.

This transformation is not permanent but can be fully reversed by simple agitation of the product.

Formulation Possibilities

S4 formulations are not limited to any particular raw materials since the S4 Technology allows the simultaneous use of two or more types of materials in the same formulation. This allows unique and innovative raw material combinations, that extend the agronomic possibilities and create new frontiers in nutrition.

These formulations are thus, very effective while being more durable, and economical.

Some of the possibilities offered are:

  • The addition of NPK sources regardless of form allowing the use of the more efficient ones.
  • Use of pH stabilizers allowing the use of even high alkaline or acidic raw material sources.
  • Inclusion of surfactants, organic activators, isolated vitamins, isolated plant hormones and enzymes.

All of the above, contribute to the creations of products with higher efficacy than that provided by traditional formulation technologies.


The possibilities offered by S4 Technology, carry both agronomic and marketing advantages bring to both product quality and product performance parameters result in significant advantages for both organizations and growers.

Agronomic Benefits

  • Enhanced efficacy:
    • Due to high solubility and stability, the efficacy is drastically more than that of conventional fertilizers.
    • Time-controlled release and enhanced targeted activity of nutrients with the optimum concentration.
    • Nano emulsion make the nutrients easily deliverable to specific parts without any logistical difficulty within the plants.
  • Retain ease of use of liquid fertilizers

Organizational & Marketing Benefits

  1. Increased shelf-life
    • Logistics & warehousing cost-effectiveness
    • The liquid nano emulsion based formulation gives utmost ease in storage and transport. There are negligible chances of spillage or any such issues. Moreover, a long shelf life ensures long-term storage and ease in dispatch as and when required. No need of preparing fresh batches every time.
  2. Unique form
    • Differentiation
    • Increased customer loyalty
    • The ground breaking technology gives a product that is so unique in it’s form that our products stand apart in comparison to all competitors. This in itself is a major plus since the unique form attracts customer attention, and since the product effectiveness is superior to the conventional options available to them, our product naturally becomes the go to option for them giving us a loyal customer base.