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Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria

This bacteria helps to mobilize the insoluble form of potassium for crop growth at a faster rate . Several percent of insoluble potassium is made available to the crop plants within 25 days of bio potash application in soil. Reduces cost of potash application by 50-60%. It produces organic acids and enzymes that help solubilise the fixed potassium into exchangeable form and make it assumable by plants and protect plants against potash deficiency. Tolerance level is high with a wide range of soil pH and temperature. KMB colonizes the rhizosphere.

Particulars Parameters
Base Powder
pH 6-7
Total Viable count gram of product 100 billion per gram
Contamination No contamination at 105 dilution

NOTE : Expiry date ( shelf life ) – 2 Years * Acclaimed shelf life is valid only if product stored below 25˚ C temperature

  • Resistance to a wide range of soil pH and temperature
  • Improves resistance capacity of crop plants
  • Suitable to apply for all crops
  • Improves crop growth and yield by 20-30%
  • Reduce cost of potash application by 50-60%
  • It increases fruit sweetness , colour and size
  • Compatible with other bio fertilizers 

Grapes & Banana, Citrus, Mango, Tomato, Pomegranate, Groundnut, Cotton, Soyabean, Coconut, Potato, Brinjal, Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Chillies, Beans, Okra, Pea, Tomato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Sugarcane, Paddy, Rice, Wheat, Sorghum, Bajra, Lawns, Gardens, Green House, Etc.

1 kg of KMB in 1000 ltr water for dilution.  Dosage will be 1 ltr of potassium Mobilizing Bacteria per acre.

Method of application: Seed Treatment, Seedling treatment, Soil application and Drip irrigation.

Packing :1 Kg Pouch