Work Philosophy

The Arihant Group, in accordance to its core beliefs, is committed to protecting agriculture with sustainable solutions to manage plant health and productivity. With the help of cutting edge technology and constant research and innovative process based  products, we have provided perfect solutions for sustainable crop health management as well as improved productivity in agriculture.

Our emphasis is to design products having synergy with nature. Hence our products are environment friendly and effectively help in protecting and maintaining soil health.

Arihant Group of Industries


The following four focus areas represent the foundation on which the Arihant brand is built


INNOVATION : Our ever evolving scientific teams have an inspired commitment to research and development.

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SUSTAINABILITY : Our dedication to maximizing customer profitability, while protecting our planet and its people, is a core value.

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GROWER & PARTNER FOCUS : Our commitment to understanding each customer’s unique needs, achieves win-win partnerships.

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OUR PEOPLE : Our priority in taking great care of our employees ensures they take great care of our customers.

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Our Products

One of the fastest-growing segments in agricultural inputs is biological products. Agricultural biologicals are a diverse group of products derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, plant extracts, beneficial insects or other organic matter. They are typically broken down into two or three major categories according to their use in agriculture:

  • Bio stimulants (plant growth/productivity enhancement products)
  • Bio pesticides (plant protection or biocontrol products)
  • Bio fertility (plant nutrition products)
  • Why Arihant products?

    In this day and age where the growth of the market is driven by various factors, we tend to each of those factors while designing a product ie. the need for new innovations to meet the food needs of a growing population, an increasing demand for agricultural sustainability consumer interest in organic products, weed and insect resistance to chemicals used in agriculture and concerns about the environmental impacts of current agricultural practices.

    Arihant Group: Supporting Sustainable Agriculture with Bio-Based Products

    Arihant group companies believe in supporting sustainable agriculture with a new generation of biologically sourced tools for plant nutrition.

    Arihant’s products are biocatalysts derived from a naturally occurring, diverse community of microorganisms and the biochemical by products they produce ( e.g., organic acids, proteins, enzymes). These biochemicals are the key functioning components of our commercial product technology, interacting with the plant-soil system to increase the availability and uptake of nutrients that are applied in the form of fertilizers or that are present already in the soil or in crop residues. 

    As we have for over two decades, we continue to invest in rigorous scientific research focused on developing new products rooted in biology and biochemistry.