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Advancing life - that is precisely what we at Arihant Group pride ourselves in. By putting ourselves to test at every step, we strive for consinntant evolution of our people and processes. Every such step entails bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to the fore.

Providing solutions to create a food-secure, environmentally sustainable world.

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With state of the art technologies being used in the research & development, quality assurance and manufacturing of our products, some of which are indigenously designed by our in-house experts including our founders, we boast of a robust system that is backed by science and technology and an ever evolving system of striving perfection.

Our Laboratories are equipped with the best of class machineries and instruments to ensure a capability to meet any demand that comes from the grass root consumers. Incorporating the growers demands and requirements in the products and product systems as far as can be done is one of the constant tests that our laboratories have to stand true to. We are in the midst of an incredible revolution in human, animal and plant biology that has rapidly emerged due to advances in DNA sequencing and bioinformatics—and our team is passionate about translating this revolution into innovative, sustainable biological crop solutions. Our efforts are inevitably inHarnessing the Power of Microbes leading to More Robust Plants.We're rapidly uncovering new insights about how to leverage the oldest and most abundant form of life known to scientists: soil microbial communities.

When it comes to the manufacturing processes and units, technology plays an even greater role. The right technology always ensures a process that delivers a product that stands every test that it is put through. Our Bio fertilizer manufacturing units boast of close to zero contamination and deliver perfection. The goal of our innovative and ever evolving technologies is to provide best Soil Health, improve Plant Establishment, enhance Nutrient Uptake, increase the Stress Management capabilities of the crop, boost Crop Quality, and enrich the Post Harvest conditions.