NPK Liquid 24:24:00

Our NPK Liquid 24:24:00 ,an emulsion based slow release fertilizer, is a powerful solution designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of your plants and promote vigorous growth.An equal ratio of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in a fertilizer plays a vital role in supporting plant growth and development. This balanced nutrient ratio ensures that plants receive adequate amounts of each essential element for their optimal health and productivity.

Nitrogen (N) is crucial for promoting vegetative growth, leaf development, and overall plant vigor. It is involved in protein synthesis, enzyme production, and chlorophyll formation, which are essential for various metabolic processes within plants.

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Phosphorus (P) is vital for photosynthesis and sugar metabolism in plants. It is primarily acquired by plant roots as inorganic orthophosphate ions from the soil water. Phosphate-based fertilizers play a crucial role in replenishing phosphorus levels in the soil, as it is continuously taken up by plants. These fertilizers help optimize soil pH, promote root development, enhance stem and stalk formation, and improve plant resilience to environmental stressors.

Experience the cutting-edge technology of Arihant's liquid emulsion-based slow release fertilizer products, featuring the revolutionary S4 and EA2 technologies. Our innovative approach sets us apart from the competition, providing you with unparalleled benefits for your plants.

It brings in an added benefit of the plants being able to absorb the nutrients and store them in pockets within the plant which facilitates the slow release of nutrients and utilization of the same as and when needed. It also reduces the dependence of farmers on conventional fertilizers to a great extent.

Using our in-house research-based innovative process of Micro fluidisation, we have developed an innovative slow-release liquid fertilizer. Notably, this innovation reduces farmers' reliance on traditional fertilizers, marking a significant step towards sustainable and effective agricultural practices.


  • nutrient contentwt/wtwt/vol
  • BaseLiquid
  • Total Nitrogen19.00%24.00%
  • Total Phosphate (P2O5)19.00%24.00%
  • pH (1% solution)6.0 - 7.0
  • Trace Elements (EDTA)Yes
  • Specific Gravity1.25 - 1.30


  • High N and P in 1:1 ratio gives an ideal start to the crop.
  • High -N concentration helps in plant growth and chlorophyll synthesis due to better mobility.
  • High-P, helps in early and profuse root development,crop maturity and seed production.
  • It is largely responsible for root growth and flower and fruit development.
  • Important for starch and protein synthesis
  • The liquid form allows quick and efficient nutrient absorption by the plant's root system.
  • Enhanced plant nutrition leads to healthier plants that can better withstand environmental stressors and maximize their yield potential.

Recommended stage of usage :This fertilizer can be used during the initial seedling stage, and root development stages and can be used until the flowering stages since both Nitrogen and Phosphorus are present in this fertilizer abundantly and can help during the initial developmental stages of the plant life cycle.

Recommendation Crops

  1. Leafy greens: Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, etc.
  2. Fruit-bearing plants: Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, etc.
  3. Grains: Wheat, corn, rice, etc.
  4. Flowering plants: Roses, sunflowers, marigolds, etc.
  5. Ornamental plants: Potted plants, garden flowers, etc

Method of Application :

  1. Fertigation
  2. Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray


  • Foliar Spray 2 to 3ml/ℓ
  • Drip irrigation 500 ml to 1 ltr/acre

Packing : 200 ltr HDPE Barrel