NPK Liquid 10:00:40

A mixture fertilizer consisting of Nitrogen and Potassium, Arihant’s Emulsion-based slow release liquid NPK 10:00:40 focuses on the deficiency or requirement of Potassium in the plants in addition to a small portion of Nitrogen. Potassium (K) essentially plays a significant role in plant physiological processes. Therefore, it is required in large amounts for proper growth and reproduction in plants.

Using NPK liquid 10:00:40 results in quicker germination, improved root development, and elevated abiotic stress tolerance; leading to better plant establishment, more vigorous growth, and higher yields. It plays a crucial role in enhancing fruit sugar content, fruit size, and overall plant health. Its high potassium content facilitates water and protein movement, activating vital enzymes for energy production and waste excretion.

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With Arihant’s innovative S4 and EA² technology, our emulsion-based slow release liquid fertilizer products are a notch above any competition. It brings in an added benefit of the plants being able to absorb the nutrients and store them in pockets within the plant which facilitates the slow release of nutrients and utilization of the same as and when needed. It also reduces the dependence of farmers on conventional fertilizers to a great extent.

Being an Emulsion-based slow release liquid fertilizer, it is very easy for the plants to uptake and the innovative Microfluidiser technology used to make this product ensures that farmers get the most out of the product at lesser costs than conventional fertilizers.


  • nutrient contentwt/wtwt/vol
  • BaseLiquid
  • Total Nitrogen07.00%10.00%
  • Total Phosphate (K2O)28.00%40.00%
  • pH (1% solution)6.0 - 7.0
  • Trace Elements (EDTA)Yes
  • Specific Gravity1.40 - 1.45


  1. Essential in photosynthesis
  2. Involved in regulating the opening and closing of leaf stomata
  3. Involved in the regulation of water in plants
  4. Participates in plant’s protein and starch synthesis
  5. Important in the activation of many growth-related enzymes in plants
  6. Formation and translocation of starches, sugars, and fats
  7. It encourages vigorous flowering and fruiting.
  8. Nitrogen is involved in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of cells.
  9. It supports the formation of healthy blooms, enhances pollination, and boosts crop yields.
  10. It aids in the absorption and transportation of other nutrients, ensuring their availability for essential metabolic processes.
  11. The high potassium content promotes strong root development,
  12. It also aids in drought resistance and overall plant health.
  13. The liquid form of this fertilizer allows for quick and efficient nutrient absorption by plant roots.
  14. Sufficient nitrogen levels result in vibrant and healthy-looking foliage.
  15. Adequate nitrogen levels support robust leaf and stem growth, contributing to overall plant vigor.

Recommended stage of usage: This NPK mixture is ideal for usage during the vegetative stage, flower and fruit development stage.

Recommendation Crops

It can be beneficial for leafy greens, brassicas, fruit-bearing crops, and legumes to support healthy plant growth and overall vigor.

Method of Application :

  1. Fertigation
  2. Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray


  • Foliar Spray 2 to 3ml/ℓ
  • Drip irrigation 500 ml/acre

Packing : 200 ltr HDPE Barrel