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Ferric EDTA

Iron-EDTA is a highly pure Iron fertilizer, which dissolves rapidly and completely. Our product is dust free and is recommended at different phenological stages. The high level of Iron in our formula improves the production of chlorophyll.

  • Base : Free flowing Powder
  • Iron content ( Expressed as Fe ) per cent by weight, minimum in the form of Fe-EDTA : 12.0%
  • pH ( 5% solution ) : 5.5–6.5%
  • Gives a strong apical zone, free of chlorosis
  • Iron 100% chelated and fully available up to a pH of 6
  • Developed for foliar application. Also suitable for fertigation in open field and greenhouses
  • Soft for leaf tissue

For All crops

Method of application: Fertigation ,Drip Irrigation or Foliar Spray

Packing : 25 Kgs HDPE Bags