EA2 Technology


Nutrient Uptake: Expanding the Horizons


This innovative new technology is developed keeping in mind the core motives of significantly higher nutrient uptake within the plant, without any harmful effects thereof. Having an experience of many years under its belt, the Arihant group has developed EA2 Technology (Enrich Atomic Absorption), which has a proven record based on our field tests and market reviews. Simply put, it is an amalgamation of various proven combinations integrated into a range of remarkably efficient products. The proportions and ratios differ from product to product based on their targeted usage. The innovative technology ensures a very improved uptake of nutrients at much less input. The two major differences between conventional fertilizers and EA2 based fertilizers are the increase in uptake of nutrients and their movement within the plant. The effectiveness of the products is unmatched, especially against conventional fertilizers.

A small sealed package carries the nutrient which opens up only when a specific desired location or site of the plant is reached. It is a means of Targeted Delivery since a molecular coded ‘address label’ on the outside of the package can allow the package to be delivered to the specific part or location in the plant body.

This system can considerably reduce the response time to sense a problem in the field whenever it arises.

These special fertilizers have sorption capacity, and controlled release kinetics to targeted sites.

Technology Characteristics

The organic factors used by the EA2 Technology share certain characteristics:

  • They have a low molecular weight, which facilitates their uptake by the plant.
  • The metallic ions present in these products are already in chelated form and hence are easily consumable by plants whenever required.
  • They fully dissolve within the plant acting as carbon sources.
  • They are functional in conditions of plant abiotic stress.
  • They work in both acidic and alkaline pH.

Mode of Action

The mode of action would differ as per the components used; however, common aspects in the usage of these products based on EA2 technology are:

  • A very speedy and increased volume of uptake of nutrients
  • Improved and enhanced movement of nutrients within the plant.

Nutrient Uptake

A very common issue found with nutrient uptake by plants in foliar applications is the negative charge of the leaf cuticle. Our research team has, with great application, bonded certain organic factors with nutrients, creating a neutral charge. This subsequently assists in a higher uptake of nutrients, since the cuticle charge does not interact with the neutral molecules of the product (displayed in Fig. 1).

Movement within the Plant

Conventional fertilizers’ nutrient efficiency is lowered due to the cell walls of the plants’ cells. The plant has to use its energy in order to facilitate the absorption of these nutrients within the cells. In times of abiotic stress conditions, this makes it additionally difficult for the plant to absorb the much needed nutrient.As shown in ( Figure 2 ) the nutrients primarily move through the apoplastic pathway, which results in their slow, non-uniform translocation within the plant. Eventually this results in a falling effectiveness of the fertilizers.

EA2 technology uses enabling organic factor series that act as dipoles and help in bonding with nutrients. This facilitates an easy entry into the cell wall without any expense of plant energy. This enables nutrients to move through both apoplastic and symplastic pathways resulting in faster more uniform translocation.

This fact additionally helps make the products, made with EA2 technology, beneficially usable even during stress conditions.


  1. Increased nutrient uptake
  2. Maximum nutrient uptake in a significantly short duration.
  3. Uniform translocation of nutrients within the plant
  4. Fertilizers integrated with EA2 Technology are effective even in the condition of abiotic stress